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Destination Canada has developed a series of tools for Canadian tourism businesses to help you in your efforts to attract travellers. These resources will help you to better understand your best customers and what they’re looking for in a travel experience. These easy-to-follow guides demonstrate tangible ways that you can enhance your product development, marketing and sales initiatives to resonate more fully with your customers. These tools will help you to leverage and align with Canada’s strong tourism brand, for better business results.

Free and accessible to all tourism businesses, these tools are rich with insights on topics such as:

  • how to build an engaging visitor experience
  • enhancing your copywriting and photography for more marketing impact
  • key insights on how to better understand your customer using our award-winning market research platform, EQ.

To get started, check out our:


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Download the Destination Canada Brand Standards Guide 3.1 to get Canada's tourism brand working for you.

Destination Canada Brand Standards Guide 3.1 – low resolution (10.7 mb)

Destination Canada Brand Standards Guide 3.1 – high resolution (29 mb)

Destination Canada Brand Standards Guide: Corporate Brand (28 kb)

Destination Canada tourism partners big and small can adopt the essence of Canada's tourism brand to drive business—updating old perceptions about Canada and promoting tourism products as distinct tourism experiences. Learn more about the voice, values and mission of our brand, how we communicate these through our new, branded materials, and how you can adopt the essence of Canada's tourism brand, too.

Inside the Brand Toolkit you'll find:

  • Information on how we paint a picture with words to compel travellers to visit Canada now
  • Ideas on how to incorporate the brand essence into your advertising and promotional materials, using clear, simple, evocative images that show travellers who are engaged in—and enjoying—their experiences
  • How we create images that best express and evoke what Canada offers travellers.

To learn more about Destination Canada's experience-based marketing, please experiences [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (contact us).


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Need a content game plan? Then download the partner edition of our new Content Playbook. Discover how our own content strategy is making Canada a more exciting place in the eyes of international travellers. Learn how taking a broader view of “content” can power your marketing with stories and formats that grab—and hold— your best customers’ attention. As well as tips for creating that epic content, the playbook shows how we can work together to turn Canada into a storytelling machine to capture the world’s attention.

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Experiences Toolkit

A tourism product is what you buy. But a tourism experience is what you remember.

For businesses interested in learning how to capture the hearts and minds of international travellers, Destination Canada’s Experiences: A toolkit for partners of Destination Canada (2nd edition) can help you to develop and deliver the types of compelling experiences today’s travellers are seeking.

This updated toolkit clearly explains experiential travel and the business opportunity it represents.

Inside the Experiences Toolkit you'll find:

  • Key information on how to evolve your product into an experience that customers will keep talking about
  • Quick diagnostic guides to help identify your best customers, so you can ensure your marketing and visitor experiences are aligned to meet their needs and desires
  • A step-by-step approach to creating and marketing memorable visitor experiences
  • Interviews showcasing the inspiring and successful practices of five tourism operators in Canada
  • Links to more resources related to crafting and delivering compelling tourism experiences.

Training videos: Developing Visitor Experiences

Partnering with the Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism    Destination Canada produced two experiential-tourism training videos to showcase examples of how small businesses in the Atlantic provinces have developed experiences for travellers.

These videos provide insights into what a tourism experience is, how to develop experiences to fulfill the dreams of visitors when they travel, and how to connect travellers with your local cultural assets to enhance the visitor experience. See for yourself:

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EQ Toolkit Overview

Use this for a bird’s-eye view of the EQ Toolkit and plan your EQ learning journey!

Determine Your Best Customers Using EQ

Do you know who your best customers are? Understanding who your best customers are will help you improve your product development and positioning to better meet their needs. Learn how to identify your target EQ types in three easy steps. You will need to complete this foundational module in order to complete any other module in the toolkit.

Fine-tune Your Product Using EQ

Rethink your product offer by looking at it through the eyes of your best EQ customers. Generate ideas based on what they are looking for in a vacation, and boost your product’s appeal. Develop an experience offer that they can’t (and won’t) resist!

Package Experiences Using EQ

Hone in on your target EQ types’ travel preferences to develop an appealing and customized experience-based package.

Describe Your Experience Using EQ

Define and write compelling descriptions of your experience, and align it to the values and travel preferences of your target EQ types. Learn tips to attract your types’ attention and entice them with your call to action!

Assess and Choose Imagery Using EQ

Use the EQ lens to choose imagery that will capture your target EQ types’ attention. Discover how images can play a critical role in communicating the excitement and appeal of your product or experience to your target EQ types.   

Promote and Sell Using EQ

Boost profits by creating effective promotional messages that truly resonate with your best customers. Learn tips to influence the decision-making process of your target EQ types and close the sale faster.


Learn more about EQ

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Looking to increase your marketing knowledge? We want your business to prosper and that’s why we’ve created a series of videos full of insights on tourism-industry trends and best practices. These videos cover a wide range of topics to help you maximize your marketing and tourism opportunities. Learn how to successfully sell your experience internationally or find out how other tourism businesses prepare for tourism-industry events as well as their tips for pitching to media successfully.

See the industry training videos on our YouTube channel

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This toolkit aims to help you work more effectively with international media by promoting your destination, product or experience through a variety of media channels and markets.

Download the Media relations toolkit for Canadian tourism businesses.