Explorer Quotient

Say hello to your best customers. 
As Canada's national tourism marketing organization, our job is to learn everything we can about potential travellers to Canada. That's why we've gone beyond traditional market research to find out exactly why people travel and why different types of travellers seek out entirely different travel experiences.

The result, after years of research, is Explorer Quotient® (EQ).

Our innovative market segmentation tool comes from the science of psychographics – an evolution of the traditional field of demographics. Instead of defining people based on age, income, gender, family status or education level – all of which is valuable information – psychographics look deeper at people's personal beliefs, social values and view of the world. It's a major leap forward, because these factors are what drive real people to seek out certain types of experiences.

This award-winning, proprietary tool is changing the way travel experiences are developed, marketed and sold in Canada. If you operate a small or large tourism-based enterprise, it promises to give you a serious advantage in the competitive global travel market.

EQ will help you find and keep your best customers.

You can use the EQ intelligence to better understand your current and prospective customers. This can then enrich your tourism product development, marketing and sales activities. Simply put, EQ can help you to transform a world of explorers into some of your best customers.

Take a look at our EQ tools to learn more about it and how to apply EQ to your business today.

An introduction to EQ

Learn more about the science behind EQ and why this type of market segmentation is so powerful for your marketing and product development. Our Introductory EQ video will provide you with a quick overview of how EQ was developed and the nine primary EQ traveller types.

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What’s your traveller type? Take the EQ traveller quiz to find out.

You’re unique and so is the way you like to travel. EQ helps us get to know our customers so we can match them with an extraordinary Canadian vacation or getaway that fits their travel style. Make your holiday search easier. Take our short quiz and find out what kind of traveller you are. By answering the questions, you’re providing yourself with a deeper look at how your travel choices are based on your personal beliefs, social values and even your view of the world.

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Before you start your learning journey, take a moment to go over our EQ Profiles. This valuable reference guide will help you understand the different types of travellers and their characteristics— including the personal values, attitudes and travel motivations that influence their purchase decisions.

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EQ promises to give you a serious advantage in the competitive global travel market. The EQ Toolkit is designed to provide tourism businesses with insights into why and how different people travel. Having these key insights will help you offer your customers more relevant and meaningful visitor experiences. The EQ Toolkit will guide you in implementing effective strategies that will advance your product development and marketing, plus boost your sales.

Each module of the EQ Toolkit contains examples and worksheets to help you apply the EQ principles you’ve learned in an easy step-by-step process. You can download the entire EQ Toolkit as a single file oreach module individually.   Read more

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Get real-world advice and ideas from tourism operators who have applied EQ in their businesses. Learn how EQ helped to improve their customer experience, partnerships and marketing practices.

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Canada’s tourism industry is aligning behind the power of EQ. Discover how Canadian destination marketing organizations have put EQ into action. See how EQ is making an impact on their businesses, stakeholders, marketing, experience development and partnering initiatives.

We asked a selection of destination marketing organizations that are using EQ to share their stories. Read our EQ Case Studies to see what they had to say.

Read the EQ case studies:

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Destination marketers and businesses that promote Canada and its tourism products can license EQ. A license will provide you with customized data and tailored, in-depth intelligence on the core beliefs and travel motivations of your potential customers.

You’ll have rich insights and actionable information that you can’t get anywhere else. EQ can help you truly understand your customer and transform your approach to doing business.

Strategically incorporating EQ will help you to focus your efforts and resources on initiatives for the strongest results. With EQ, you’ll have a science-based system to help you truly understand your customers. In turn, you’ll be able to work cohesively with industry partners, craft rewarding visitor experiences, and build stronger marketing campaigns that align with your customers’ motivations and values. But EQ is more than a marketing tool. EQ has the power to affect corporate culture. It aligns staff, industry stakeholders and their support agencies together to achieve a common goal. For many, EQ has become a foundational pillar for decision-making that touches each part of the organization.

Interested in licensing EQ? Get in touch with your provincial marketing organizations to get started.

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Destination Canada has three EQ workshops available on a fee-for-delivery basis: EQ Bootcamp, Developing Experiences Using EQ and Marketing Experiences Using EQ. Contact one of Destination Canada’s EQ Authorized Trainers (EQATs) for a quote to have a workshop delivered to your industry stakeholders.

EQATs provide customized support to help you get the most out of EQ in your business. EQATs have received in-depth training and are ready provide customized advice to apply EQ in your businessand to help train your staff. See our listing of accredited EQATs.