Canadian Signature Experiences

Canadian Signature Experiences

Discover the Canadian Signature Experiences Collection

Travellers around the world are telling us they want to explore and live a life that’s less ordinary.

That’s why Destination Canada has created the Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) collection–once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences found only in Canada. They show the world what Canada’s tourism brand is all about.

The CSE collection helps eligible tourism businesses promote their product internationally. It also makes it easier for the travel trade to sell more of Canada, and to make more money doing so. Media can utilize the collection to find a rich array of story ideas, media collateral and other resources.

How do you apply to the program? How does the application process work?

Before you apply 
Check to make sure you have done the following:

CSE program documents

  • Consulted the CSE Backgrounder and understand how the CSE program is a part of the Canada Brand
  • Consulted the CSE program's Export-Ready Criteria and are satisfied that you are  export-ready
  • Consulted and completed the CSE Program Eligibility Criteria and Pre-qualifying Quiz and are satisfied that your company has a unique Canadian Signature Experience and meets the mandatory program criteria. With respect to the CSE pre-qualifying quiz, ensure that you are able to answer, without hesitation, 'YES' to all the questions asked.
  • Consulted the CSE Application Guide to intended to assist prospective applicants in filing a formal application.
  • Reviewed the list of current CSE members and are familiar with the current membership and the experiences they are selling.
  • Consulted the CSE FAQs to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Destination Canada resources

  • Consulted Destination Canada's website, Brand Toolkit and Experiences Toolkit, and understand what the Canada. Keep Exploring Brand is about, including Explorer Quotient® research and types. A basic understanding of EQ® is important as you will be asked to identify in your application, which EQ traveller types best represent the types of guests your company and designated signature experience caters to.

To best prepare yourself, it is important to follow the steps above before spending the time and effort in completing an application form. 

The formal application process Read more >Close >

Please note there is an established provincial/territorial administration protocol that must be followed.

To express your interest in joining the Canadian Signature Experiences collection, first make contact with your Provincial and Territorial Marketing Organization (PMO). They will ask you to send them a signed copy of the pre-qualifying quiz. They will make an initial assessment of your potential fit in the program, and can answer any questions you may have. If they determine you have met the program’s mandatory criteria, they will provide you with an application form. If needed, they may provide guidance on completing your application form. 

If your company is not qualified for the CSE program, your PMO may be able to provide coaching/mentoring support to help you to meet the program criteria. You can also refer to the CSE Application Guide.

Tips on completing the application form Read more >Close >

The application form is divided into three parts: (1) general company information, (2) sales and marketing information, and (3) details about the proposed Canadian Signature Experience.

Some questions on the application form require specific information; footnotes are included to help you best answer these questions. Please note: the answers you provide determine how well you meet the program’s criteria for membership. Coaching on the questions may be available from your PMO.    

Who evaluates the applications?Read more >Close >

Your application will initially be reviewed and evaluated by your PMO. At this stage, unsuccessful applicants will be notified, told why their application was declined, and be provided with constructive feedback.

If your application has a favourable review, your PMO will recommend your application to Destination Canada. The PMO and Destination Canada will complete a final review. Successful applicants will be notified by Destination Canada that they have been conditionally approved. To learn more, please refer to the CSE Application Guide and the CSE FAQs.

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We want to help you sell more Canada, and make more money doing it.

Welcome to the Canadian Signature Experiences collection

We’ve invested in cutting-edge consumer research that very few destinations can match, and we know that millions of international travellers(the kind who stay longer and spend more money) want to buy these Canadian experiences.

We’re marketing experiences in ways that our competition isn’t. Our largest and most integrated global campaign is set to drive demand right to our best receptives, tour operators and travel agents who are ready to close the sale.

Our list of Canadian Signature Experiences grows each year. Take a look at our current Canadian Signature Experiences members, organized by themes.

Every day, we’re adding new copy, images and video to our inventory of content. Register at our Brand Canada Library to gain access to photos and powerful copy descriptions from the collection. They are all here for you to use in your brochures right now, for free.

Our sales teams are ready to fund innovative marketing partnerships to drive your sales. Get in touch with your local Destination Canada trade representative or your PMO trade representative. Our goal is to help you sell more Canada, and help you earn more money doing it

Together, we can show international travellerswhat they’ve yet to experience… by opening up a whole new world of awesome Canadian experiences for your clients to explore.

CSE Case Studies Read more > Close >

Find out what current CSE members have learned from their participation in the CSE program and benefits they have seen.

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Volume 2

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre.

Frontiers North Adventures

Shediac Bay Cruises

Halifax Citadel

EdgeWalk at the CN Tower.

Hôtel de Glace.

Adventure Canada.

Rockwood Adventures.

Beck’s Kennels.

Canadian River Expeditions / Nahanni River Adventures.

Icefield Helicopter Tours and Kananaskis Heli Tours.

Experience PEI.

Iceberg Quest.


Volume 1:

The Hermetic Code Tour in Winnipeg, MB

Heartland International Travel & Tours


L’Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Celtic Colours International Festival

Northern Edge Algonquin

Tranquility Cove Adventures

Northern Tales Travel Services Inc.

Arctic Kingdom Polar Expeditions

Gatherall’s Puffin & Whale Watch

Historic Reesor Ranch

Yellow Dog Lodge

Kings Landing Historical Settlement.

Member perspectives on Experiential Tourism Read more >Close >

Arctic Range Adventure


Edible Canada


Jasper Motorcycle Tours

Heritage Park Historical Village

Great Spirit Circle Trail

Great Divide Nature Interpretation

Cape Race

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

Heartland Tours

FAQs Read more > Close >

Everything you wanted to know about the program but were afraid to ask. Learn its history, future plans, tips on how to apply and more. The CSE FAQs have it all. 

Disclaimer Read more > Close >

The Canadian Signature Experiences collection is neither an accreditation, nor a quality-assurance program. Destination Canada and the PMO do not provide travel or tourism services of any kind and are not responsible for any loss or damage you may incur in relation to those services, whether you relied on the experience’s inclusion in the CSE collection or not.