Statistics & figures

How does Canada rank in the world tourism market? Which markets are showing tourism growth and opportunity? How does this affect your business—and your bottom line?

This is where you can find who is visiting Canada and how often, how they travel, how the tourism business in Canada is faring and the latest tourism industry statistics.

International visitor arrivals

Get the most current and comprehensive information on international visitor arrivals to help you figure out which markets to target—and why.

Tourism Monthly Snapshot
Take a look at easy-to-understand market intelligence that you can immediately use in your day-to-day operations.

International trips
Find out which travellers are coming to Canada, where they are visiting and how they are travelling.

Overseas trips (not including US)
Get access to the latest research on overseas visitors (not including Americans) entering Canada who are staying one or more nights.

Tourism performance

From tourism deficits and GDP to demands—here you’ll find a wealth of information to help you keep a competitive edge in the Canadian tourism industry.

Quarterly National Tourism Indicators
Bottom-line figures that measure the tourism industry’s progress

Quarterly International Travel Accounts
Measures tourism deficit and offers economic highlights

Canadian Tourism Satellite Account
Tourism activity in the economy, including industry demands and issues

Government revenue attributable to tourism
Industry’s economic contributions to government

Quarterly Travel Characteristics
An in-depth overview of the travel characteristics of international visitors to Canada. Find out how long they are staying, how much they are spending, and where.

Year-in review stats & figures

A snapshot of the tourism industry that includes market highlights, travellers’ characteristics, trip purposes, activities, accommodations and more.

Tourism Snapshot – Year-in-Review
Market highlights, travellers’ characteristics, trip purposes, activities, accommodations and more.