research & studies


The CTC mandate includes research into the Canadian tourism industry. Our extensive collection of research and statistical information is posted on the CTC corporate site. Here are the research categories plus a link to the Publications Calendar.

stats & figures

This is where you can find who is visiting Canada and how often, how Canadians travel, how the tourism business in Canada is faring and the latest tourism industry statistics.

market knowledge

Do Australians use a travel agent or book their trips on the web? How much do the Japanese spend on dinner when they're vacationing? Where in Canada do Americans like to visit, and when? We study our target markets - and our potential customers - closely so that we can strategically market to these travellers, and help the Canadian tourism industry deliver what we promise. Read in-depth the ins and outs and nuances of each of the CTC's key geographical markets here.

product knowledge

An ongoing challenge for Canada's tourism industry is matching new travel experiences with future market demand and changing demographics. Product demand research and industry capacity assessments help us stay in-tune with the travelling public's zeitgeist. Because the more we know about our customers, the more we can speak directly to them and deliver the travel experiences they want. Check out the latest intelligence on emerging niche markets, trends, consumer motivations and the why behind traveller behavior and choices.

industry research

If you want to understand how the tourism industry works, we've got it all here - the latest research on lodging, transport, economic and political factors and other big issues that affect our business.

trends & outlook

Are gas prices affecting American travel to Canada? Is better air service boosting visitors from Australia? Our trends and outlook research gazes into the crystal ball of the future and makes solid predictions on travel volume, consumer sentiment and travel intentions. We look at economic factors, air capacity, visits to and from Canada, industry development and competitor performance.
Our outlook reports give brief economic overviews of key tourism markets to Canada (domestic and international), and an outlook on travel volumes for the upcoming travel season.