Destination Canada welcomes travellers to our spectacular country with the promise of a life less ordinary...miles from the mundane...a right turn from the expected.

We reach this world of explorers by harnessing Canada's collective voice. In sharing one bold vision of Canada with the world, united under Canada's tourism brand—Canada. Keep Exploring—we're changing the way travellers see and experience our country. Our approach is personal, warm and witty: one that highlights real people having real experiences.

Our international marketing and communications campaigns are rolling out in 12 countries and consumer markets, giving Canada a powerful presence that shows the advantages of a single, strong, consistent global tourism personality. Through words, images, videos and social media, we communicate Canada’s personality to the world. And we've identified Canada's five Unique Selling Propositions that best showcase the experiences that make this country an exceptional travel destination.

Our approach


Inspiring the world to explore Canada.

Fifteen seconds. That's all it takes to experience a life-altering moment. Like paddling along Newfoundland's famous iceberg alley, when a blue-tinged iceberg tower breaks apart and a chunk the size of a six-storey building slides into the sea before your eyes. Or trying out the "side-door shuck" next to a world-champion oyster shucker on Prince Edward Island. Spontaneous, breathless, heart-stopping moments: that's what Canada offers travellers. A range of profoundly different and personal experiences.

Our toolkit

We use advanced research tools to provide the sharpest market intelligence. These tools let us monitor the position of Canada and consumer behaviour in each of our international markets. The subsequent data provides the critical insights that inform our sales and marketing plans.

And that’s not all. We promote a globally consistent use of educational tools, such as the Brand Canada Library, plus a uniform approach to managing key accounts.