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17 March 2016
Lean about Destination Canada’s role, vision and performance in promoting Canada as an international travel destination in support of... Read more
11 December 2015
Masayo Hando takes over to lead one of Canadian tourism’s key Asian travel markets. Read more
29 October 2015
The first eight months of 2015 saw a 7% rise in visitors to Canada from DC’s 11 international markets, according to new Tourism... Read more
22 October 2015
The US seeks to appeal to travellers through food stories, Australia is taking a panoramic view on tourism while Ireland has stepped... Read more
21 October 2015
Destination Canada teams up with provincial partners plus German influencers and tour operators to deliver compelling travel stories. Read more
30 September 2015
DC kudos for media and industry for the best in Canadian tales around culture, wildlife, food and city experiences plus industry camp... Read more
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30 September 2015
Vice-President International; Executive Director, US Leisure Market; and Executive Director, Industry Partnerships, Canada add signif... Read more
30 July 2015
Canada welcomed more than 1.5 million international visitors, an 8% year-on-year increase, says new Destination Canada Tourism Snapsh... Read more
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