News releases

New two-year research agreement includes tourism research grant opportunities. Read more
4 November 2016
If you’re looking for somewhere exciting to travel next year, look to Canada, Lonely Planet’s number one destination for Read more
24 October 2016
New experiences encourage travellers to keep exploring coastal communities, culture, rugged scenery and wildlife.  Read more
19 July 2016
Destination Canada Launches New Campaign to Inspire American Travellers  Tweet: Americans invited to #ExploreCanada and discove... Read more
24 May 2016
Montreal hosts the world for Rendez-vous Canada 2016 and sets a record for buyer-seller appointments. Read more
22 April 2016
New experiences in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland continue to encourage travellers to keep exploring Read more
4 February 2016
Destination Canada, RDÉE Canada and CEDEC collaborate to support tourism experiences in official language minority Read more
3 February 2016
Thanks A Million: #ExploreCanada  Destination Canada celebrates one million uses of its hashtag on Instagram Tweet: #Expl... Read more
11 January 2016