GoMedia Canada Marketplace 2010

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s premier annual international media event!

GoMedia took place August 22-26, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario. We launched a new Canada travel blogger award for GoMedia 2010, as announced in September 2009 at the CTC luncheon at GoMedia 2009 in Whistler, BC. For more information click here.

Michele McKenzie's presentation

Read the presentation by CTC's president and CEO in the pdf at the foot of this page.

Objectives and Highlights

The Canadian Tourism Commission is using the GoMedia awards luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel Whistler to debut an international Blog Award for journalists. The aim is to encourage excellence in online journalism by:

  1. Celebrating the best in the business
  2. Showcasing the new standard for online travel journalism
  3. Recognizing the value of online travel journalists in the media relations and travel profession



  1. Criteria has been developed by CTC staff and consulting PR firm Immedia Inc. for judges evaluating entries and to use as a guide for award administration.
  2. Input will be sought from CTC overseas offices and HQ to ensure appropriate depth, breadth and international relevance is at the foundation of the awards initiative.


About Blogs

Blog (short for Web log) is a website where entries are made and displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs have a personal identity and a “voice” that can generate word-of-mouth interest, allows others to get involved by leaving comments. They should be generous with opinion on specific topic-oriented content. A blog requires consistent and constant attention and time with regular postings that are interesting and current. A blog can integrate many types of media – video, podcasting and more.



  1. Blogs must be written and produced by individuals or a group of individuals versus corporations.
  2. Blogs must feature dedicated Canadian travel content: that is, they should either be a site dedicated to original Canadian travel content or they should be a general travel site that has a section dedicated to Canadian travel content. (In the latter case, make it clear that only the Canadian content will be judged, not the entire site).
  3. Style and tone of the postings are characterized by “web appropriate journalism.” That is, they should not just be re-posting print material on a web site.
  4. The blog design should be user friendly – easy to read and scan, useful call-to-action links embedded in the text, such as linking to a hotel promotion or a tourism industry site. Originality in design is a plus.
  5. Inspiring readers to think about Canada as a travel destination is an important aspect of the judging criteria as is the level of comment activity, traffic and interactivity.
  6. Posts should be more than text based, including with inspiring images and videos. Video/image driven sites should include relevant, riviting copy.
  7. Social media elements -- such as Twitter, Google Maps, social bookmarking, e-mail-to-a-friend, etc. – can be integrated to the point of relevance and necessity but are not required.
  8. Bloggers must submit general URL, and then submit links for five posts from the past 12 months that best represent the scope, breadth and tone of their blog.


Judging and Logistics

  1. Entries are accepted from around the world
  2. Entrants must be past GoMedia journalist delegates within the past three years
  3. Each annual competition is juried by nine top journalism, technology and travel PR professionals from all over the world.


The Winner

The winner of the Best Blog Award goes to the individual or group of individuals behind the most creative and influential travel blog today in online journalism that stimulates interest in Canadian travel.

  • The winner receives (***to be determined***)

GoMedia 2010 Delegates Twitter Handles

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