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10 things you need to know about… Canada’s unique travel stops.

Adventurers can delight in the history of chocolate, bathing in thermal pools or following the route of the lost Franklin expedition.

24 December 2014

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One of travel’s many delights is experiencing something unique and distinctive to each country. Here are 10 exotic and delectable Canadian adventures that will take travellers on the path of lost northern expeditions, outlaw routes and chocolate. 

1) Get lost and found: Travel the Northwest Passage and Franklin expedition route on a Northwest Passage adventure. En route, you’ll view dramatic fjords, calving glaciers, polar bears and walruses, as well as gravestones from the lost Franklin Arctic expedition. 

2) Sleepover with the stars: Overnight in the Vancouver Aquarium with the sea stars and sea urchins. This is your chance to explore the dramatic galleries and behind-the-scenes marine lab up close and personal, as well as by night. Breakfast is served alongside the invertebrates.

3) Take a chocolate dip: Savour the history of chocolate at Érico - Creative Chocolate Shop and Chocolate Museum in Québec City, QC.While chocolatiers fill handmade chocolates (try the Alizé liquor), check out over 200 chocolate-related artefacts, including a deliciously fashionable chocolate skirt and handbag.

4) Go diving for shipwrecks: Explore the famous wreckage of 22 boats—from schooners to steamers—in one of North America’s great scuba-diving spots at Fathom Five National Marine Park, Tobermory, ON. Clear waters, cliffs, caves, and a magnificent grotto also make for memorable diving.

5) Uncover a notorious outlaw hideout: Visit the Big Muddy Valley as part of a Badlands and outlaw tours, in Coronach, SK. Guides will lead you on a tour of classic old-west landscapes of cliffs, canyons and ravines, including the gorgeous Castle Butte as well as the cave hideouts of American outlaws such as Sam Kelly.

6) Bathe in boreal forest: Go tropical at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park in Liard River, BC. While you steam in thermal pools, see if you can spot moose feeding in the warm-water swamps or one of 14 species of exotic orchids.  

7) Meet 100 stone-faced strangers: See “The Grand Gathering” on the St. Lawrence River at Centre d’Art Marcel Gagnon, Sainte-Flavie, QC. More than 100 life-sized stone and wood figures created by Canadian artist Marcel Gagnon stare back at visitors.

8) Visit the edge of paradise: Famed for its rugged beauty, incredible Fogo Island Inn, plus fishing communities and arts-inspired locals, Fogo Island, NL, has become one of Canada’s places of a lifetime, according to National Geographic. Fogo Island bliss comes with sea cliffs, puffins, caribou and icebergs.

9) Go eco or go home: Visit tiny Telegraph Cove, BC, where the wildlife outnumber residents. Nestled between ocean and rainforest, Telegraph Cove is a sanctuary for a meagre 20 residents, along with orca whales, grizzlies, salmon and sea lions. 

10) Enjoy the allure of Lunenberg: Victorian-era architecture, vivid museums and a vibrant village await visitors to this historic Nova Scotia town. Don’t miss the floating legend, Bluenose II. Want proof? Check out the Canadian dime.

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