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10 things you need to know about…unique Newfoundland and Labrador delights.

Newfoundland and Labrador delights. Get adventurous on your trip to this Atlantic province by trying crispy cod tongues, a lighthouse picnic, shaking an ugly stick and more.

09 July 2014

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Newfoundland is literally an island unto itself—a land of historic fishing outports, wild, windswept bogs filled with berries and moose, and even wilder pubs bursting with traditional music. Explore these unique corners of The Rock:

1) Cod is king: Dig into a plate of crispy cod tongues or try traditional fish ’n brewis—a fisherman’s stable of salt cod and soaked hard-tack biscuits with crispy pork scrunchions—at Bacalao, the best place for modern takes on Newfoundland comfort food.

2) Labradorite rocks: Flash your shiny new Labradorite jewellery. Inuit legends say the iridescent blue and green gems fell to earth from the mystical northern lights.

3) Bite into a bakeapple: Venture into the bogs to pick bakeapples (a.k.a. cloudberries) or taste the unique tart flavour in jams from Dark Tickle or The Rocket bakery.

4) Play the ugly stick: Keep time at the kitchen party on a jangly, bottle-cap encrusted mop with a rubber boot foot (a.k.a. ugly stick), musical spoons or a beautiful bodhran, all from historic O’Brien’s Music Store.

5) Picnic at a lighthouse: Lounge on a blanket, watching for whales (and icebergs), indulging in crab cakes, pastries and lemonade all made, baked and squeezed on-site at Ferryland Lighthouse Picnics.

6) Meet a mummer: Bump into one of these costumed characters at Christmastime, or just get into the groove with “The Mummer Song” and other lively Newfoundland tunes from local rock legend Great Big Sea.

7) Bake a seal flipper pie: Check the freezers at Belbin’s grocery, a longtime family-owned food store, for traditional seal flipper pot pies. Or look for jarred moose nose and moose bologna, seal sausages, Mt. Scio Savory and local Purity Jam Jam cookies and candies at Bidgood’s markets.

8) Language lessons: Learn to speak the local dialect—or at least figure out some of the more colourful Newfinese phrases (wadda ya’at b’y?)— with the Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

9) Explore Doyle’s republic: Filming of the popular “Republic of Doyle” TV show may have wrapped (the final season airs this fall), but you can still wander the streets of St. John’s to see familiar locations and have a pint at the Duke of Duckworth pub, where much of the action takes place.

10) Crafty characters: Shop for hand-knit sweaters, thrummed socks, hooked rugs and funky folk art at The Craft Councilshop, where two-thirds of the retail price is paid back to the crafters.

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