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This is what you’ve been waiting for. Out on the open waters, standing alongside a crew that’s as excited about what’s about to happen as you are, you’re about to get a first class lesson in what it’s like to be a local. Strap on your gloves and take on the life of a lobster hauler as you work alongside the crew to bring in the catch. Expect to learn –and laugh – a lot. Skipper Perry Gotell will share the secret of the traditional PEI technique for cooking them, the differences between them and the best way to eat them.

Prefer clams?  On the Giant Bar Clam Digging Experience guests don a wetsuit, grab a snorkel and mask and go searching for the big ones in chest-deep ocean water. When you’re done, shake the saltwater out of your hair and choose your own adventure: beachcombing, exploring the dunes or relaxing on the beach as a third generation fisherman gives you the lowdown while cooking your lunch.

Once the clams are steamed and ready settle in for the best beach cookout you’ve ever experienced. The lunch, all the sweeter when you hear the stories about Gotell’s dad and grand-dad fishing these very waters.

Along the way keep an eye out: Seals on the shores and Bald Eagles in the sky guarantee a day of wonder.

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Specific Contact Details

Tranquility Cove Adventures
1 Kent Street
Georgetown, PE C0A 1L0
tel: (902) 969-7184
Email: tca [dot] gotell [at] gmail [dot] com

Experience Highlights

  • Rain or shine you can Fish for lobster alongside a third generation pro
  • Spend a day digging for your lunch and then relax and enjoy a Giant Clam Bake on the beach
  • The scenes are just as enchanting if you turn your eyes skyward where you’re bound to find several majestic Bald Eagles taking in the action.

In the area

Experience Availability

May, June, July, August, September (depending on Activity)

Location: Georgetown, Prince Edward Island

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