Shediac Bay Cruises

You’ll quickly discover your sea legs standing out on a boat in Shediac Bay with experienced lobster fishermen at your side. There are no "guests" here, expect to get your hands dirty as you’re taught the correct way to haul in lobster traps and the best way to cook the famous Maritime crustaceans (the secret’s in gauging the boil time) from locals who’ve done it for generations. When all is ready, find a comfortable spot on-board to savour a mouth-watering, freshly cooked lobster dinner. Don’t bother looking for a knife. You’ll eat these the local way with a lobster cracker, a lobster fork and your two hands.

Once you’ve eaten you can relax as you cruise along scenic waters, a cool drink in-hand, panoramic views of the Northumberland Straight before you and easy conversation with your fellow explorers at the ready.

Another highlight of the experience? The "old salt" tales from the fishermen that speak of what it is really like to work the water for generations. Soon, you’ll find that you’ve adapted some of the fierce pride of the New Brunswick Acadian heritage. And long after you’re home you’ll find yourself humming the chorus of the songs, smiling as you remember the way they "played the spoons" and aching to return to this perfect blend of historic charm and local culture.

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Specific Contact Details

64, chemin Quai Pointe-du-Chêne
Pointe-du-Chêne,  NB  E4P 4V8
tel : (506) 532-2175
Email : roncormier12 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Experience Highlights

  • Learn the secrets of Maritime lobster cuisine. 
  • Spend time learning the old fishing techniques used by the families of the local owners.
  • Sit down to an on-board lobster dinner
  • Hear tales of local fishing life while cruising in comfort aboard a traditional Lobster boat.
  • Warm up to the joie de vivre of Acadian culture and get a bit "salty" yourself.
  • Have the quintessential Maritime experience.

In the area

Experience Availability

May, June, July, August, September and early October (call for availability)


A short drive (roughly 30 minutes) from Moncton, in Pointe-du-Chêne—just east of downtown Shediac, New Brunswick.

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