Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre

Inside the breathtaking stone, glass and concrete building of the RCMP Heritage Centre designed by world-renowned architect Arthur Erickson lies the history of a nation. You’ll learn the story of Canada’s most revered and romanticized law enforcement officers and leave with a whole new respect for those big black boots.

Exhibits like "March of the Mounties" offer insight into the sacrifices made during their dedicated mission of peace, while interactive displays offer the chance to examine everything from DNA and fingerprinting to what it feels like to literally step into their big black boots.

And then, at sunset, a moment you’ll remember for a long time to come: Row upon row of Mounties who train on-site proudly wear their famous scarlet tunics during the weekly Sunset-Retreat Ceremonies. The reassuring beat of the snare drum and the dazzling troop drill display will have new meaning now that you’ve seen what it took to get here.  When it’s over introduce yourself and shake hands with the men and women who continue to make history today. You’ll be proud to be a part of this fitting tribute to a force that forged a nation.

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Specific contact details

RCMP Heritage Centre
5907 Dewdney Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4T 0P4
Tel: (306) 522-7333
Email: robin [dot] etherington [at] rcmphc [dot] com

Experience Highlights

  • The Musical Ride, a world-renowned military pageant performed with 32 horses and riders offers the true regalia of the Mountie legacy.
  • The pictures you’ll take in full Mountie dress or alongside a retired Musical Ride horse are bound to offer memories for years to come.
  • The stories of Canada’s indigenous peoples and the role they played in the creation of the RCMP is a story you’ll repeat often.
  • A cinematic "tour of duty" will hep you to lose yourself in the history and modern day adventures of this unique force.
  • Coming nose to glass with the handcuffs once worn by Aboriginal icon Louis Riel and hearing  the story of the uprising from both sides is something that shouldn’t be missed. Then head into the giftshop and purchase an authentic Aboriginal craft on site.

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Regina, Saskatchewan

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