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An outback train trip or a 2.5 hour flight from Winnipeg lands you in the northern Manitoba town of Churchill, Canada’s Polar Bear Capital and the jumping-off point for up-close encounters with bears while they await the fall freezing of Hudson Bay. Frontiers North’s experienced guides lead tundra safaris into polar bear country on monster-wheeled Tundra Buggies that tread gently on the land. You might see mother bears feeding fuzzy white cubs or big males rearing up on hind legs, eyes locked with yours. The sturdy Buggy sways when a bear shows a little "buggy love," rubbing against the mobile hide that keeps you safe.

Depending on which adventure you sign up for, a long day’s wildlife spotting can finish in Churchill where you can explore an historic Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, visit the Eskimo Museum and listen to local musicians at the pub.

Or you can be one of a small group of less than 40 who choose to stay on polar bear turf at one of two remote locations, overnighting 3 or 5 nights in Frontiers North’s hotel on wheels, the 100 metre-long modular Tundra Buggy Lodge.  That allows the luxury of photographing bears in the warm glow of sunset and watching them prowl while you dine within your warm expedition outpost. Because you sleep with the bears, you awaken to see them shaking off their snowy blankets. The memories and photos you take home make it clear you experienced life in a polar bear’s backyard.

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Specific Contact Details

Frontiers North Adventures
Box 40063 RPO Lagimodiere
Winnipeg, MB
Canada R2C 4P3
Tel: 1 (204) 949-2050

Experience Highlights

In the area

Experience Availability

October and November – prime polar bear viewing months
Year round – possibility of spotting polar bears


Churchill, Manitoba

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