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Canadian Tourism Commission business notice: Rendez-vous Canada event management.

Vancouver, BC, May 11, 2012 — The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is very pleased to announce that a new deal has been sealed to manage the future success of Rendez-vous Canada, CTC’s key international marketing and sales event for Canadian tourism businesses. 

CTC recently held a competitive bid for the management of Rendez-vous Canada 2012(RVC) that was opening up for 2013.

CTC has jointly awarded the contract to Prime Strategies and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC). This public-private-industry partnership will mobilize this summer with a view to strengthening greater business outcomes for Canada’s tourism industry.

Michele McKenzie, CTC President & CEO, notes, “PRIME Strategies is an exceptional event and trade show management company. TIAC’s connectivity to, and important advocacy role for the industry is a key element for success, not only at this trade show, but through other partnerships as well.”

Canada is competing aggressively for a greater share of travellers, and the future success of Rendez-vous Canada is an important piece in capturing the interest of tourism buyers from around the world.

PRIME Strategies is raring to go. Jonathan Buchwald, President and CEO says, “We are excited to have the opportunity to attend RVC Edmonton this week. After that, we’ll get down to business to set the stage for RVC 2013 in Ottawa and beyond.”

TIAC’s President and CEO, David Goldstein, is pleased about the partnership. “This is a good team. The new partnership will allow us to benefit from our respective strengths, raising the show’s national and international profile and expanding RVC’s potential for the benefit of our tourism businesses.”

For further information, please contact:
Quinn Newcomb
Senior Communications Advisor
Canadian Tourism Commission
Tel: 604.638.8406
Email: newcomb [dot] quinn [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca