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CTC and Canada’s North: together for Tourism

Innovative Agreement ensures collaboration on consumer marketing, trade, research, public relations and business development partnerships.
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VANCOUVER, BC, May 10, 2009 – From hiking in Kluane park, to gazing at magical Northern Lights from the comfort of a heated teepee, or cruising into the heart of Inuit communities – Canada’s North offers sophisticated travellers some of the most extraordinary experiences on earth.
To help inspire visitors to make the North a “must see now” destination, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has invited Nunavut Tourism, Northwest Territories Tourism and the Yukon Department of Tourism and Culture to participate in CTC programming as a single partner to be known as “Canada’s North.”  
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed today unites the promise of unique experiential opportunities together with the expertise of a working consortium representing the three Northern Territories and the marketing power of the CTC, already operating in 12 countries.
The agreement provides a unique framework for collaboration on projects, programs and other opportunities such as communications and promotion, national special events, industry capacity building, national strategic planning priorities and potential market identification. Recognition of “Canada’s North” as a collective will permit the partners to work together creatively, while at the same time recognizing respective budgets, strategies and priorities.
“The synergy afforded by this agreement has great potential, particularly with the opportunity to leverage the 2010 Winter Games to drive tourism to the North,” said Diane Ablonczy,  Industry Canada’s Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism). “Canada’s northern territories truly differentiate our country as a tourism destination. This initiative supports the Government of Canada’s efforts for the growth and future sustainability of Canada’s tourism industry - especially small and medium-size businesses - as well as for enhancing the awareness and quality of visitor experience opportunities in Canada.”
Research indicates that the intention of travellers to visit the Northern Territories has increased dramatically, soaring from almost nothing to as high as 44% in Germany, 41% in Mexico and 36% in Australia. And 26% of travellers across the CTC’s key markets are motivated to include aboriginal cultural experiences, celebrations and attractions in their travel plans, especially in Europe where interest is particularly high.
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