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Canadian Paralympic Athletes highlight Canada’s accessible travel experiences

Vancouver, BC, August 18, 2009/ CNW

The Canadian Paralympic Committee and gold medalist Paralympic athlete Joanne Kelly joined up with a group of Canadian travel retailers to announce a new program that highlights Canada’s accessible travel experiences. The “Go Canada” program, and the website, offers travel products and trips, including accessible travel experiences. A portion of sales made on the site will be donated to the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

The announcement took place on the spectacular Columbia Icefield at the unveiling of a fully accessible GO CANADA branded Ice Explorer vehicle. The

massive Ice Explorer vehicle is part of the Columbia Icefield Glacier Experience, which takes visitors on a remarkable 90-minute adventure onto the surface of Athabasca Glacier, and is but one example of the accessible travel experiences available in Canada.

Video package includes b-roll footage of the accessible tourism experience aboard an Ice Explorer vehicle and the GO CANADA announcement at the Columbia Icefield, including scenics of Athabasca glacier. Interview footage includes comments on Canada’s accessible tourism experiences from gold medalist Paralympic athlete Joanne Kelly, Paralympic athlete Josh Dueck, and others.

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DATE OF POSTING:              August 18th, 2009

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