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CTC brings YouTube mega stars to discover Alberta.

Video influencers create their own epic vacation movies to inspire international travellers.

16 April 2015

What’s so great about Alberta? That was the question two YouTube influencers had to answer on a recent FAM trip to the province as they created their own epic travel stories along the way.

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) teamed up with Travel Alberta to bring Devin Supertramp and Louis Cole on an unforgettable seven-night journey around the province. The two YouTubers have millions of fans around the world, especially in the UK and US.

Their itinerary showcased Alberta’s diversity, from the dynamism and night life of Calgary to outdoor adventures and the wild side of nature in the mountains.


The adventure began in Canmore, which included a helicopter tour and snowshoeing. From there, they headed on to the natural wonders of Banff and Lake Louise for a spot of ice skating, dogsledding and snowboarding. The trip concluded in the dynamic surroundings of Calgary.


The exciting content produced by the YouTube stars fits perfectly with young Free Spirits, according to CTC research. The aspirational experiences, a fun, lively style plus a sense of adventure and risk will inspire American and British travellers to create their own epic Canadian trips later this year.

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