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Get ready, get set—snow!

CTC entices consumers in emerging markets of South Korea, Mexico and Brazil with Canadian winter adventures.

17 October 2012

Winter is coming, and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s emerging markets are already dusting off the snow boots to get ready with new campaigns.

High-yield travellers are the focus in each of the three markets, especially Explorer Quotient® types Free Spirits, Cultural Explorers and Authentic Experiencers.

  • The upcoming December presidential election is dominating the news cycle in South Korea, so CTC’s split its fall/winter campaign into two halves. The first half (October to mid November) is concentrating on attracting fully independent travellers via early-bird bargains. The second part (late December to late January 2013) will concentrate on group travel via traditional winter bestsellers such as seeing the Rocky Mountains or Niagara Falls. Long-haul travel is close to consumer hearts in South Korea, with 50% placing it high on their wish lists in the latest Global Tourism Watch report. The travel trade plays a vital role in the South Korean market, so integrated co-op activities are the heartbeat of the campaign, backed up by social-media and media-relations activities. CTC’s partners in snowballs are Tourism British Columbia, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and Air Canada.
  • Down in Mexico the ribbons are just being cut on CTC’s snow-sprinkled new campaign, Here, CTC is partnering again with Air Canada while concentrating its push on online and in print advertising that highlights deals with Canadian businesses. The Mexico campaign is being backed up by social-media activities, which each week’s focus on different aspects of Canadian winter experiences, such as seeing ice caves and waterfalls or diving into urban adventures.
  • CTC’s Signature Experiences Collection® (SEC) takes pride of place in the Brazil winter campaign. SEC members such as Whistler Blackcomb offer a unique winter travel experience like no other. A series of print ads drive home the call to action to book now with relevant tour operators to discover winter in Canada.


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