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CTC’s Emerging Markets show off Canadian winter fun.

Consumers in South Korea, Mexico and Brazil discover there’s much more to do in Canada besides great skiing and snowboarding.

19 October 2011

There is not just a hazy shade of winter in some of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s Emerging Markets. Consumers in Mexico, South Korea and Brazil are discovering there’s a whole other side to winter fun in Canada. The advertising is similar in style to the campaigns underway in Europe, with QR codes directing consumers to specific microsites.

  • It’s all systems snow for CTC-South Korea. The winter campaign in this market integrates social-networking platforms for the first time (Facebook and Twitter). It adopts the Facebook “Winterscope” app used so successfully in CTC’s campaigns in Australia and Europe, with Canadian winter personalities such as Snow Owl, Leader Moose, Polar Bear Family, Mountain Rabbit and Wild Winter Wolf. The campaign focuses on trips to romantic Vancouver, BC, snowshoeing in the splendour of Banff and Lake Louise, AB, city life in Toronto, ON, and viewing the aurora borealis in northern Canada. Print advertising is focused on daily newspapers, a powerful medium for consumers 40 years old and over. There are also banner ads on major newspaper websites, and, for the first time, ads targeting smartphone users, a rapidly rising sector. CTC’s main partners are Tourism British Columbia, Travel Alberta, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and Air Canada. Other positive news from South Korea: Korean Air is heavily promoting Canada from mid-October until the end of 2011 in a $4.5-million advertising campaign.
  • CTC-Mexico took to Mexico City streets as part of its fall/winter campaign. Five-person teams, acting as lost urban tourists, appeared in strategic zones around the city, engaging one-to-one with Mexican consumers to recommend different travel experiences around Canada. The main substance of the campaign revolves around solid travel-trade promotions, online, print and radio advertising plus social-media engagement. A partnership with Air Canada has brought special rates on flights from Mexico City to Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, and Montréal, QC.
  • The focus for CTC-Brazil over fall/winter is advertising in major media outlets, either in print or online. O Globo, Folha, Viagem e Turismo and Veja are just some of the big Brazilian media names carrying the ads. The theme is urban, taking in the shopping, dining and other experiences that Brazilian travellers can enjoy in two of eastern Canada’s gateway cities, Toronto, ON, and Montréal, QC.
  • Winter is one of Canada’s biggest opportunities for growth in the Japanese market. CTC-Japan started winter activity promotions with the local travel trade this month, showcasing tour operator partners alongside their winter packages and new product lines. It introduces Japanese consumers to other Canadian winter outdoor activities such as dogsledding, snowshoeing, ice-canyon walks, Canadian winter festivals, Christmas in Canada and city escapes featuring dining, shopping and spas. All this winter fun is designed to appeal to a key growth opportunity in Japan: Free Spirit Travellers, ages 25-50. The travel-trade activity incorporates social media, online marketing and a blogger visit to Canada. CTC-Japan’s partners include Air Canada, Tourism British Columbia, Travel Alberta and Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation.

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