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26 May 2011

Hi BizWiz,

I really enjoyed the CTC’s LOCALS KNOW campaign in 2009 and 2010, and was hoping for more this year. But when I went on the site recently, it seemed as if it was all over. Shame! Say it ain’t so…

I certainly changed my vacation around in 2009 as you opened my eyes to parts of Canada that I had no idea about. And I’m a proud Canadian! So can you tell me please what CTC’s plans are for this year?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Marco

Thanks for the e-mail. Yes, it’s true—we have wrapped up our LOCALS KNOW program, leaving lots of happy memories not just for us but also for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who took a vacation all across Canada during the two years the program lasted.

LOCALS KNOW brought many successes, not least the extra bucks and exposure so many Canadian tourism businesses benefitted from. But it was a special program, outside our regular mission to focus on the international travel markets with the highest potential for return on investment.

The program formed part of a $40-million two-year stimulus funding program that the federal government allocated to CTC in January 2009. Over those 24 months, $10 million a year went to domestic funding (LOCALS KNOW), with our emerging and priority international markets looking after the other 50% of the funding pie.

But that success built a fabulous platform for the future for Canadian tourism. We’re encouraging travellers in Canada and the world over to become a fan of Canada’s tourism brand on Facebook. And don’t forget Twitter for short bites and links to more either through @Keep_Exploring or @DestinationCAN.

In the meantime, keep exploring our great country.

All the best,

Tourism BizWiz

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