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January 2013: the facts that count for Canada travel.

Australia was the standout market again as the number of international travellers coming to Canada rose, says CTC Tourism Snapshot.

03 April 2013

More than 684,000 international visitors came to Canada in January 2013, up 1% on the previous year. And no market was keener to seek out fresh Canadian travel experiences than Australia, reports the newly minted Tourism Snapshot from the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s Research department.

Out with the old, in with the new, with these key stats:

  • The Australia market carried on in January 2013 where it left off in 2012, posting another robust 10% year-on-year increase in visitor numbers to Canada.
  • Mexicans had an increased desire for Canadian winter adventures in January 2013: this market posted a 9% rise in visitors over January 2012.
  • The US market continued to show signs it had turned a corner, registering a 3% bump in overnighters to Canada in January 2013, largely driven by a 4% rise in automobile trips.
  • All was quiet on the western front for CTC’s European markets in January 2013, with Germany (-15%), UK (-6%) and France (-1%) all posting drops in traveller numbers to Canada.
  • The change in date for the Chinese New Year (January in 2012, February in 2013) distorted the data for the usually positive China market, which instead notched a 15% year-on-year dip in visitors to Canada in January 2013.
  • International visitors from CTC’s key markets spent just over $4.1 billion in Q3 2012, up 0.5% on the previous year.
  • The Brits had the deepest pockets in Q3 2012, spending $285 million, the highest of any country. The French ($257 million) and Germans ($212 million) also splashed the cash.
  • Brazilian travellers had the highest average spend per trip in Q3 2012, up 7% on the same period last year, to reach $2,116. They spent more per night ($122, up 21%) despite not staying as long (average 17.4 days, down 12%) as Q3 2011.
  • Chinese travellers to Canada spent much longer in the country in Q3 2012, with the average trip lasting 27.9 days. They also spent $1,963 while on vacation, an 8% increase.
  • Home was where the heart (and suitcase) lay for Canadians in January 2013. Outbound travel reached 2.6 million trips in January 2013, a 0.4% dip on the previous year.
  • Canadians welcomed the start of a new year in more optimistic mood. The Index of Consumer Confidence, released by The Conference Board of Canada, rose 5.1 points to 83 in January 2013.
  • Doom and gloom still beset Americans in January 2013. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index slumped a further 8.3 points in January 2013 to 58.4.

The Tourism Snapshotexamines statistics and travel trends up to Jan. 31, 2013, in CTC’s—and partners’—key global markets.

Read the Tourism Snapshot –January 2013 in full.


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