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International travellers kept Canada in their sights for January 2011.

China, Australia and Brazil topped the charts for rises in arrival numbers, says latest CTC Tourism Snapshot.

07 April 2011

It looks as if visiting Canada was a 2011 new year’s resolution for many consumers around the world. According to figures from the latest Tourism Snapshot, just published by the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s Research department, January 2011 saw more than 657,000 international arrivals to this country from CTC’s key markets, a 2% year-on-year rise.

Here are some other key stats:

  • China (37%), Australia (21%) and Brazil (19%) were the hot dogs, posting significant gains in overnight arrivals on 2010.

  • The new year opened promisingly for Mexico, too: a 2% jump in arrivals was a fourth consecutive increase in arrival numbers.

  • Americans inched, rather than sprinted, over the Canadian border in Jan. ’11, posting a moderate 1% rise in overnighters. However, put into context, that was far better than the 8% year-on-year tumble seen in Jan. ’10.

  • Given that winter held North America in its icy grip, it’s no surprise that car trips from the US fell 4% on 2010, while “other” modes of travel (9%) and plane travel (8%) took flight.

  • Most Canadian provinces and territories saw more American guests in Jan. ’11, except for Newfoundland and Labrador (-47%), New Brunswick (-13%) and Alberta (-9%).

  • CTC’s key overseas markets started 2011 with a strong hand, displaying a 4% year-on-year rise overall in visitors headed for these shores.

  • However, Japan (-10%), the UK and Germany (both -9%) suffered declines.

  • Overnight trips to Canada from countries outside of CTC key markets climbed 7% in the first month of 2011, topping 75,000.

  • Canadians still having a serious hankering to head south: 6% more decided to cross the 49th parallel compared with Jan. ’10.

  • Canadian consumer confidence kicked up its heels and climbed in Jan. ‘11. The Index of Consumer Confidence, released by The Conference Board of Canada, reached 88.1, up 7.1 points.

  • The US was made of sturdier stuff, too. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index rose to 60.6, up 7.3 points on Dec. ’10.

The Tourism Snapshotexamines statistics and travel trends up to January 31, 2011, in CTC’s—and its partners’—key global markets.

Read the latest Tourism Snapshot in full.

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