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February 2012: the who, what, where, when and why of Canada travel.

All of CTC’s key international markets, with Brazil leading the way, saw an increase in visitors to Canada, reports latest CTC Tourism Snapshot.

30 April 2012

Good things come to those who wait. February 2012 was a red-letter month for Canada travel, with a 9% surge in international visitors to Canada. Those 740,000-plus consumers contributed to gains in every one of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s key international markets, says the latest Tourism Snapshot by CTC’s Research department.

Here are some more chart-toppers:

  • Americans headed north in greater numbers in February 2012: overnighters climbed 8%, spurred by rises in other modes of transport (14%), air (11%) and auto travel (6%).
  • Year-to-date, our friends down south have made almost a million trips northward over the border, up 4% on 2011.
  • The Brazil market harvested an astonishing year-on-year 48% rise in trips to Canada in February 2012. Saúde!
  • Mexicans weren’t far behind in registering their eagerness for Canadian adventures, with a 32% boost in visitor numbers to Canada.
  • Positive news at last from South Korea: after 12 months of decline, this market saw 6% more consumers head east to Canada.
  • TheJapan market keeps eating its spinach, with a fourth consecutive gain in trips to Canada (14%).
  • It was up, up and away in all of CTC’s European markets: Germany (21%) forged ahead, with France (10%) and the UK (0.4%) in its positive slipstream.
  • Perhaps you can have too much sun after all: 11% more Aussies escaped the heat Down Under to seek out winter fun in Canada in February 2012 than in the same month last year.
  • Canada’s rivals in the tourism marketplace had a good start to 2012, with the US (7%) and Australia (5%) outperforming Canada’s 2% year-on-year rise in visitors in January.
  • Canadians still haven’t slaked their thirst for international travel, taking 2.3 million overnight trips, 8% more than February 2011.
  • Canadians stayed sure and steady in February 2012: the Index of Consumer Confidence, released by The Conference Board of Canada, nudged up to 75.2.
  • Americans resumed their see-saw mood. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index rebounded sharply to 70.8 after January’s abrupt fall.

The Tourism Snapshot examines statistics and travel trends up to Feb. 29, 2012, in CTC’s—and partners’—key global markets.

Read the Tourism Snapshot – February 2012 in full.



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