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17 May 2012

Hi BizWiz

We are travelling from Italy to Canada this summer. At the end of our trip (Toronto) we would like to visit Chicago, travelling via Lake Erie, then returning to Toronto, ON. Who can give me updated information about timetables, prices, etc. of such service?

Thank you,

M. Cronin


Hi Margaret,

This should be quite straightforward, but you have many options to choose from: air, rail or auto.

Get your first overview from Ontario Tourism or Tourism Toronto, our provincial and city destination colleagues on the ground in Ontario. If it’s air travel, then start with Air Canada and WestJet to see what options they might have. For rail, VIA Rail is your one-stop shop. As for auto, there are many companies out there in the marketplace, but perhaps once you’ve plotted a route with our tourism colleagues that choice will become clearer.

Have a great time!

All the best,

Tourism BizWiz

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Hi Nicole

Contact Travel Manitoba, who can put you in touch with your local tourism marketing organization.

best, Mat

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