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26 July 2012

Hi BizWiz

I had a DUI three years ago, and since have been prevented from going to Canada. I read an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the Canadian government changing the law to permit people like myself, with only one DUI, to enter your country. I've tried the consulate in Minneapolis—they referred me to the one in Detroit, which will not answer questions over the phone. Their website doesn't appear to have changed regarding the above. Can you tell me how to go about getting the free TRP [temporary residence permit]? Or has in fact nothing changed? 



I wish to resume fishing in Canada and being able to visit friends who live there. I don't want to travel to the border, only to be turned away without an official TRP document. Please advise. 




Hi Herb,

This isn’t normally an area I’d cover, but thought I’d research it as this is a common question. The Star Tribune article was indeed correct, according to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. As of March 1, foreign nationals (your good self in this case) who are criminally inadmissible to Canada under grounds such as DUI without imprisonment can apply for a one-time fee-exempt TRP. The CIC website contains the full specifics of this change in public policy.

So it looks like you’re good to travel—enjoy your fishing!

All the best,

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i want to visit canada to meet my boyfriend..what do i need to come there what papers i need to have to visit him.i am from Philippines..