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23 January 2012

Dear Sir,

Great website you have, with very up-to-date info on tourist arrivals. Could you send me some data on Dutch tourism into Canada? I'd like to know the number of Dutch tourist arrivals in Eastern Canada (Ontario/Quebec) over the past three years. I would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards, Brigitte


Hi Brigitte,

Although the Netherlands is not one of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s key international markets, I think I can help here, courtesy of some info via our friends at Statistics Canada.

In 2008, 121,050 visitors made the journey from the Netherlands to Canada. Of those, 15,400 went to Quebec and 44,263 headed for Ontario, for a grand total of 59,663 travellers. The number of Dutch overnight trips to Canada dropped in 2009 to 109,133, with both Quebec (14,136 visitors) and Ontario (41,141) feeling the pinch.

Figures stabilized in 2010: a total of 109,208 Dutch travellers came to Canada, with more coming to Quebec (16,083 visitors), but fewer again (37,975) going to Ontario.

The year-to-date information we have for 2011 runs up to September. Thus far there have been 91,695 Dutch overnight trips to Canada, down on 2010’s mark of 95,635.

That should cover it. Let me know if there is more you’re after.

All the best,

Tourism BizWiz

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