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21 November 2011

Morning BizWiz,

We currently own and operate a boutique accommodation in Nanaimo, BC, and are looking at expanding our facilities and operations in 2012 to include more rooms and a purpose-built, boutique training centre on Vancouver Island. We are in the feasibility phase and testing the demand for such a product. Therefore, we seek your thoughts on whether the downturn in the economy is affecting:

  • Domestic travel for the purposes of company training? Professional development? 
  • Inbound travel for the same purposes? 

If yes, could we anticipate increasing demand in the future? If no, what domestic or inbound opportunities are at least somewhat resilient to the economy?

Thanks in advance for your advice...



Hi Angie,

Reading the economic runes is a tricky business at the best of times. On top of that, the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) no longer has a mandate to market domestically. However, I have dug up some info for you after chatting with our meetings, conventions and incentive travel (MC&IT) experts.

Generally speaking, domestic travel for company training is not an area the CTC looks at. However, in the broader picture, try targeting areas like insurance, financial services, pharmaceutical companies and the automobile industry. As the economy improves after a recession, these are always businesses that rebound first. Incentives are also high on the list for top achievers, while most if not all of these industries continually roll out new products that will then require training.

A good starting point for data would be the local tourism bodies: Tourism British Columbia,Tourism Vancouver and Tourism Victoriamight have the skinny on local travel trends for company training.

I hope that helps with your feasibility study, and at least gives some food for thought.

All the best,

Tourism BizWiz

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Hi Brigitte,

Although the Netherlands is not one of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s key international markets, I think I can help here, courtesy of some info via our friends at Statistics Canada.

In 2008, 121,050 visitors made the journey from the Netherlands to Canada. Of those, 15,400 went to Quebec and 44,263 headed for Ontario, making a grand total of 59,663. The number of Dutch overnight trips to Canada dropped in 2009 to 109,133, with both Quebec (14,136 visitors) and Ontario (41,141) feeling the pinch.

Figures stabilized in 2010: a total of 109,208 Dutch travellers came to Canada, with more coming to Quebec (16,083 visitors), but fewer again (37,975) going to Ontario. The year-to-date information we have for 2011 runs up to September. Thus far there have been 91,695 Dutch overnight trips to Canada, down on 2010’s mark of 95,635.

That should cover it. Let me know if there is more you’re after.

Thanks for the kind words Brigitte. I'll ask one of the Research team re Dutch tourism and get back to you.

best, Mat

dear Sir, Madam,

Great website you have, with very uptodate info on tourist arrivals. Could you send me some data on the Dutch tourism into Canada? I'd like to know the number of Dutch tourist arrivals in Eastern Canada (Ontario/Quebec) over the past 3 years. Would greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Brigitte