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15 March 2011

Dear BizWiz,

I am a travel agent in Germany and I’m hoping to build up my knowledge of Canada, its travel market and ways of better selling its adventures to my customers here.

The Internet means I have thousands of possible sources of information, but I could spend weeks sifting through them. So, instead, I’m asking you! Can you help please to point me in the right direction?

Best regards,


Hi Heinrich,

Thanks for your note—the BizWiz is back in, er, business after an extended holiday-season break and this is an ideal way to get the ball rolling for 2011. I think the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just what you’re after. Say hello—if you’re not already on first-name terms—to the Canada Specialist Program.

Here you’ll learn—and then be able to share—facts like where to find Aboriginal art in Canada, our cities’ hot spots for shopping and entertainment, or the best tippling places for trying some icewine.

The program gives in-depth material on experiences and possible itineraries. However, the best news for you is that CTC is in the process of rolling the CSP program out in our non-English-speaking markets, including Germany, so you can dive right in.

Travel-trade professionals in our other key international markets—including France, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China and Brazil—will all be able to sign up during 2011.

I hope that helps; the German program is waiting for you…


Tourism BizWiz

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