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14 August 2011

Hi BizWiz,

I need to know the average length of time a Canadian family will travel outside of Canada for vacation (one week or two weeks or is it different?). And how many times a year does a family from Canada take a vacation? Also, can you tell me how many vacation days a year the average person gets? 




Hello Stacey,

Here’s the latest information we have from 2010 Canadian outbound figures. Statistics Canada reports that Canadians took 28,680,000 trips of one or more nights overseas and stayed on average 10.4 nights while on the road. This contrasts with 2009 data, which showed 26,204,000 trips that lasted an average of 10.4 nights.

As to the nitty-gritty of families, I suggest you contact Statistics Canada directly to see if it has that breakdown.

As to your last question: Vacation days per year is not data that CTC handles. Again (you can guess what I’m going to say here), our friends at Statistics Canada will be your best bet here.


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