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Technology keeps Canada travel ahead of the game.

How CTC innovates with apps, Google Maps and QR codes to raise awareness of this country.

22 March 2011

It’s the appliance of science. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) continues to use the sharpest tech tools in the box to keep consumer eyes on our campaigns for Canada travel.

Here are some recent examples: 

  • A long-standing relationship with World Traveller Magazine in Asia looks to have hit the sweet spot. First, the simple part: a 100-page article in its March issue chronicling the highlights of Vancouver, BC. Then add further exposure of all that content on the mag’s website, Documentary Channel Shanghai as well as 30 other TV stations in China, plus clips in airports and subways. The clincher: a Vancouver iPhone app that captures the magazine and website content, then tops it with itineraries to help ease travel planning. Two Chinese travel agencies—Jin Jiang Travel in Shanghai and Ctrip—are linking with the app to provide their own special deals. Tourism British Columbia assisted CTC on this project. 

  • For the spring campaigns in our European core markets (France, Germany and the UK) we collaborated with Google Maps and Street View to virtually take consumers onto Canadian city streets. Each clickable ad takes consumers deep into a city where they get a 360° street view, and then allows them to browse through local info and see special deals on partner sites. Still unsure? Here’s an example

  • Still in European springtime, we’ve incorporated QR (Quick Response) codes in our print advertising. Each code takes readers to a destination-related mobile page on each of the three markets’ campaign microsites. Here they can then view images and videos and read reviews. Pretty cool, eh?




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