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International travel bloggers soak up Canadian stories.

CTC project sends influencers from 12 countries criss-crossing Canada in the run-up to TBEX 2013 in Toronto.

21 May 2013

Canada has a rich and deep vein of travel experiences; sometimes the secret is in simply sharing those stories. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has brought 27 influential travel bloggers from all of CTC’s key international markets to this country to give Canada more top-notch exposure.

The bloggers are all en route to the TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) North American Conference in Toronto, ON, June 1-2. CTC teamed up with VIA Rail to devise familiarization (FAM) trip itineraries that would showcase the country and provide the bloggers with a wealth of material to share. The project is delivering in spades.

There were genuine stars of the blogosphere on board for the project, including Yvonne Zagermann, Alex Strohl, Xin Ou and Romy Mlinsk. The bloggers have been split into three groups for three itineraries:

The bloggers spent a couple of nights in each location, allowing them to sample the sights, sounds, flavours and outdoor adventures in each region. They not only shared their Canadian tales via their own popular networks but also through CTC’s Tumblr blog.

CTC is one of the sponsors of the TBEX conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and will showcase part of the Halifax FAM trip via video to an extremely receptive audience.

“We wanted this project to raise exposure of Toronto and Canada to an international audience,” says Kate Duffy, CTC manager, Social Media. “You only have to look on Tumblr to see the amazing stories and images that the bloggers captured here and then realize these are being seen—and shared—by thousands of consumers around the world.”


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