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Thank you, Steve

CTC pays tribute to Steve Allan, departing Board Chair.

10 December 2014

Steve Allan has stepped down as Chair of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Board of Directors after seven years of dedicated service to the Commission.

First appointed in 2008, Steve oversaw CTC’s involvement in the 2010 Winter Games, welcomed the rise of Canada to No. 1 in the FutureBrand Country Brand Index and saw Canada ranked the top country in the world to visit by the Reputation Institute. He modernized the structure of the Board of Directors and led the board in providing strong oversight and direction for the CTC. 

“Mr. Allan is to be commended for his dedicated leadership during some of our most challenging times as a sector, helping to set the stage for the recovery we are starting to see today,” said David Goldstein, CTC President and CEO.

Said Scott Allison, Vice-Chair of CTC’s Board of Directors, “Steve's tenure as Chair of the CTC board has been marked by a time of extraordinary change. From helping to leverage the 2010 Winter Olympics to the change management needed to drive results from new and emerging markets, Steve's counsel, leadership and insight provided both management and the board with thoughtful, well-reasoned advice. Steve has been a tireless ambassador for Canada's tourism industry, carrying the banner in countless events and customer forums and always willing to represent the CTC around the globe.”

Steve’s commitment to Canada’s tourism industry and his enthusiasm for the CTC have been inspirational to all staff. Said former CTC President and CEO (interim) Greg Klassen, “He’s particularly proud of the people at the CTC and he’s never failed to let us know it. He truly believes we are among the best national tourism marketing organizations in the world which he attributes to our team."

Born, raised and educated in Calgary, Steve Allan is the Chair of Calgary Economic Development’s Board of Directors and the Executive Vice-Chair of Pure North S’Energy Foundation, a charitable foundation dedicated to good health and wellness, with a significant focus on the homeless, aboriginals, seniors and the marginalized.

Members of CTC’s Board of Directors have approved the appointment of Vice-Chair Scott Allison to take over Steve’s responsibilities for a period of 90 days. Mr. Allison is Vice President, Canadian Operations, for Marriott Hotels & Resorts of Canada.

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Steve, thank you for your hard work,dedication and leadership.