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Follow the Social Traveler on his Canadian adventures.

CTC and partners bring influential European blogger to Canada to share his stories—and learn the guitar.

17 July 2014

Have guitar, will travel. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) and industry partners have brought one of Europe’s leading travel bloggers to Canada to share his stories, photos and videos from his experiences as he travels across the country in his Volkswagen van.

Bjorn Troch (aka The Social Traveler) began his epic round-the-world trip in January 2010. Along the way he has taken up various challenges in each country, such as hitch-hiking the whole way or tandem-biking). For the Canada leg of his adventures, Troch’s challenge is to learn how to play the (Gibson) guitar by finding locals en route who can teach him. Canada’s rich musical heritage and diversity of styles should mean he gets plenty of offers.

Troch began his adventures this month at the Calgary Stampede. He is sharing his Canadian tales across several social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube), using the hashtags #tstcanada and #explorecanada, as well as on his blog. He will also be taking part in Google+ hangouts in each province or territory as he travels through, and hopes to include visits to members of CTC’s Canadian Signature Experiences program.

Troch has mounted a GoPro camera on the guitar and another in the VW van to capture the music and people he meets. His Canadian stories are already being picked up by European media, including Belgian TV and Kanada magazine in Germany.

CTC’s partners for this project are Tourism Newfoundland and Labrador, Tourism New Brunswick, Travel Manitoba, Tourism Saskatchewan, Travel Alberta, Yukon Tourism, Tourism Toronto, Ottawa Tourism, Gibson and GoPro.

“This project has given us the opportunity to bring a top European influencer to Canada to share authentic Canadian stories,” says Ernst Flach, CTC executive director, Global Communications. “His audience contains a wealth of potential travellers who had not previously considered Canada—but could well be doing so after following his trip.”


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