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Industry update: Canada’s tourism industry pushes the social-media boundaries.

Great videos, Facebook contest, blogger community and Pinterest lead the way in the latest social-media news from around Canada.

03 May 2012

Springtime brought a flurry of social-media activity around Canada’s tourism industry. Back again then is the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s round-up of the best that has crossed our desks. This series highlights the work of CTC’s partners and friends from across the industry at all levels, so don’t be shy in sharing your highlights.

Do you have or have you seen innovative examples of social-media travel marketing? CTC will be running this series every quarter (promise!), so keep those recommendations coming in. E-mail the ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Corporate Communications team), drop us a tweet @DestinationCANor post a comment below to top up the list for next time.


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The Topic Industry update: Canada’s tourism industry pushes the social-media boundaries. that was described on your blog was amazing. I regularly visit your blog. Find The Best Canada Road Map

Thanks for the kind words Jason - that's made our Friday :)

I like the direction the CTC is taking with social media! Whether it be contests or just tweeting great pics, I can totally see how much more they are involved in the social media space compared to just a few years ago! #greatwork