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CTC refreshes social-media channels.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all get a new look for 2011.

10 April 2011

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has refreshed our principal social-media channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Not only has their appearance changed, but the main name, too, to (cue drum roll): “Canada Keep Exploring.” It wasn’t a reno job where we had to call on the services of TV’s Mike Holmes or Debbie Travis, but the new look means a more welcoming presence for travellers, media and industry alike.

Everything online starts with search; with the name change to include “Canada” travellers will find it much easier to find the channels. CTC now has a new avatar, one that will change to reflect certain events such as Canada Day. The avatar was designed by Chairman Ting, an experimental visual workshop in Vancouver, BC, that has previously done work for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Adidas Originals.

Our Facebook wall is now an “open” platform, so users can make comments and have conversations either among themselves or with us. CTC will look to open the channels for other languages for our key international markets later in 2011.

“The new look is fun and funky, showing iconic Canada in a fresh way that will change perceptions of our country,” says Kate Duffy, CTC manager, Social Media. “Above all, we’re looking forward to having a lot more conversations with past, present and future travellers to Canada.”


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