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Formula for engagement continues across the country with QR codes, smartphone app, blogging and a travelling chiweenie.

16 May 2011

Welcome to another strong hand of innovation through social media from the Canadian tourism industry. We at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) try to keep up with the Joneses in this field (as well as the Stones, Crowleys and Systroms), so enjoy hearing about how our industry partners are pushing the boundaries.

Here’s the latest selection of fresh Canadian travel-industry approaches: 

  • Becky Poley-Schultz, the travel blogger for Tourism Saskatchewan, has just returned from her latest trip around the province. Her road trips highlight specific areas, events and tourism-industry businesses, and are promoted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as the main website. Her co-star is Rocco, a chiweenie dog (chihuahua/dachshund cross), whose popularity has resulted in his own Facebook and Twitter accounts. All of this activity is yielding great exposure and engagement for Saskatchewan.

  • Visitors to Tourism Prince Edward Island can now find their way to attractions and more via a smartphone app. The app uses geo-location tech to enable users to discover what’s going on around them. There’s also itinerary planning, the ability to “Share My Trip” via Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, an events calendar and searchable listings.

  • Tourism Nova Scotia ran a fun competition from March 14 to May 2 looking for a passionate ambassador for the province to star in a TV commercial. To enter, people had to submit a video of themselves (no longer than 60 seconds) recounting their favourite places and things to do. A Nova Scotia audition bus also toured the province to allow people to make their videos in situ.

  • Tourism Saskatoon has launched a mobile website to keep travellers up to date on upcoming events, places to stay and where to eat and drink. A QR code was created at the same time to help steer visitors to the site, which has been used in the 2011 Tourism Guide and at various consumer shows. 


Do you have or have you seen innovative examples of social-media travel marketing? Keep sending us your suggestions to ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca), or post a comment below to join the conversation.

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