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Looking for clarity in social networking? Try CTC’s just-published social-media guidelines.

In the spirit of the social-media space we’re sharing our staff guidelines with the Canadian tourism industry.

14 December 2011

Social media and business can be a difficult alchemy. Who to tweet and when? Is it okay to join that forum? And is it wise to check in on Foursquare from your local bar using the company account at 11 pm? (Actually the last one is easy—no!)

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has puts its finest social-media, legal and HR brains to work to develop its Social Media Guidelines. The guidelines primarily advise CTC staff in two areas: using social media outside work and then how social media relates to the CTC, its activities and how it is managed.

Many other organizations such as IBM, BBC and Coca-Cola have also publicly published their own policies, guidelines or principles. As Canada’s national tourism marketing agency, CTC believes it should take a leadership position for the industry and share its version to help any businesses of any size get a grip on social media.

Social media has changed how people plan, book and share their travels around the world. For businesses, it represents an opportunity to boost their visibility directly to consumers and engage with them authentically on a traveller-to-traveller basis, all leading to more visitors.

“Our guidelines offer common-sense and clear directions for our staff, and now the Canadian tourism industry, to pick the best social-media path,” says Kate Duffy, CTC Social Media manager. “In the same spirit that we drew wisdom from others to write our guidelines, we hope that other members of the Canadian tourism industry can use ours to enhance their work.”

Read CTC's Social Media Guidelines in full.



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