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Industry update: Canada travel thrives under social-media spotlight.

Banff and Lake Louise try to ‘skijack’ tourists, Jasper carves out a piece of the action while Northern Ontario uses augmented reality for bait.

26 February 2014

“Genius is one per-cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration,” said Thomas Edison. In such a cluttered social-media landscape, finding that one per cent can be a hard task, but the Canadian tourism industry continues to meet the challenge.

We at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) are always seeking that elusive next light-bulb moment, and are continually delighted by the innovation going on around the country. Keep your recommendations coming of cutting-edge social-media projects to CTC News (instructions how at the end of this story).

  • Change of plans: Banff & Lake Louise Tourism tempted skiers and snowboarders across Canada and the US into altering their shredding destination this winter. Its “skijack” campaign intercepted people at other ski resorts and whisked them off to Calgary, AB, to experience the special pleasure of Banff’s winter experiences.


Ice surprise: Tourism Jasper gave a new twist to its “Jasper Celebrates” with a special spot at the Jasper in January Festival. An ice lounge (three-piece sofa, two chairs and coffee table) carved entirely from ice let festival-goers chill out when the going got hot. The centrepiece was the table, emblazoned with #MyJasper to encourage visitors to share their Jasper pix on Instagram and get the chance to win a prize trip.

Fishing for compliments: Northwest Ontario used augmented reality to show prospective visitors the best places to fish, hunt and stay. Working with Augmented Marketing and Gem Webb Tourism, special postcards were distributed in outfitters around Toronto, ON, encouraging consumers to download the Northwest Ontario app on Android or iTunes. Using the app, consumers can see a video floating on the postcards as well as tapping into virtual buttons. They can also take pictures of themselves with a virtual “muskie” or play a fishing game via Facebook.


  • Women of letters: Toque & Canoe’s FAM trip last year for Governor-General’s Award-winning poet Lorna Crozier into the Great Bear Rainforest prompted social-media engagement. Margaret Atwood proved the power of literary inspiration when she retweeted the story to her 450,000-plus followers worldwide.

Do you have or have you seen innovative examples of social-media travel marketing? This is a regular CTC News series, so keep those recommendations coming in. E-mail the ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Corporate Communications team), drop us a tweet @DestinationCAN or post a comment below.

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