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Industry update: Canadian travel industry has social-media stars in its eyes.

A travel blogger explores Manitoba, lighting up Jasper Dark Sky Festival and toes of all shapes and sizes draw attention to Canada.

20 November 2013

Just when you think you've seen it all, the Canadian tourism industry pulls more rabbits out of the social-media hat. We at the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) love to see all the ideas across Canada in this medium, which is proving ever more important in terms of attracting international travellers to our country. So if a new Pinterest board catches your eye or you enjoy a Google+ community’s compelling content, do tell CTC News (instructions how at the end of this story) and we’ll highlight them.

  • Sense of adventure: Travel Manitoba scored social-media success with its #ExploreMB campaign this past summer. The campaign, run in collaboration with Think! Social Media and industry partners, sent travel blogger Robyn Hanson off on a four-week, 10,700 km (6,650 mi) tour of the province, sharing her adventures involving 100 attractions as she went via her blog, Facebook and Twitter.The campaign appealed to adventure travel fans, who posted 3,500+ tweets using the #ExploreMB hashtag, all helping to drive engagement and advocacy.
  • Star gazing: Tourism Jasper looked no further than social media to find its “star correspondent” for this year’s Jasper Dark Sky Festival. The Royal Astronomical Society has designated Jasper, AB, as a Dark Sky Preserve. The winners of this year’s contest (who had to submit a two-minute audition video to Tourism Jasper’s Facebook page) were taken to Jasper to be the voice of this year’s festival, taking part in special events and interviewing famous attendees.
  • Feet, don’t fail me now: Dawson City Hotel has long been known for its sour toe cocktail. When the infamous green (and rather yucky) original toe was swallowed whole by a customer this past August, the hotel came up with a social-media contest. Consumers from around the world posted images of their toes to Tourism Yukon’s Facebook “Sour toe Wall of Feet” to win one of five trips to visit the city and try the cocktail first-hand.
  • Upwardly mobile: Go Haida Gwaii now has a mobile website to entice travellers to the celebrated BC islands. The site has info on suggested activities, where to stay and eat and lots of great images and video.
  • Art not just art’s sake: classifieds website Kijiji came up with an interesting Canadian project. The Kijiji Finding Yourself in Canada Mosaic lets users from Canada and around the world upload images that evoke happiness, a sense of adventure and serenity. These are then uploaded to the corresponding mosaics, which become higher resolution with every photo added.

Do you have or have you seen innovative examples of social-media travel marketing? This is a regular CTC News series, so keep those recommendations coming in. E-mail the ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Corporate Communications team), drop us a tweet @DestinationCAN or post a comment below.


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Hi Greg - We certainly do praise other bodies in these round-ups. As you'll see in the story, we ask people/business to share those very pieces of information with us. If you have an interesting social-media initiative to relate, do please send it along to the e-mail address outlined above. - Mat

Everything about gov't associations once again. Keep it in the family as always. Do you ever praise the private sector tourism associations? Yet to see it. One of your beloved tourism associations once threatened us, "We do not like competition!" and told their members if they advertised with us they would be black listed. Nice mandate. Are we not all on the same team?