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Summer in Canada captured via social media.

Say hello to the Saskatchewanderer, Canada’s North and a fun new wine app. Or get a spa treatment through Facebook.

21 August 2011

It may be summertime, but for those wedded to social media it just means an opportunity to work outside via laptop or smartphone. Look closely in Vancouver, BC, and you might catch a glimpse of members of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) social-media team out and about doing just that as it monitors what’s going on.

Looking for eye-catching Canadian travel-industry approaches? Read on: 

  • Nunavut Tourism is relatively new to the wacky wide world of social media, but it is determined to make inroads. Its YouTube channel is pulling in fans (one of an angry snowy owl defending her nest is proving especially popular). Its Flickr account has some magnificent shots of Nunavut, one of the gems of Canada’s North, and staff members are fast collecting followers on Twitter, too.


  • Ottawa, ON,  sommelier Natalie MacLean recently launched a new, free Wine Picks & Pairings mobile app to help Canadians and travellers alike buy and enjoy the wine they want this summer. Just by taking a picture of a bottle bar code with a smartphone you can get professional tasting notes, scores, pairings, recipes and more. It’s ideal for those looking for tasting adventures in award-winning Canadian local cuisine.

  • Travellers looking to kick back and relax, have a massage or beauty treatment, or just improve their health and fitness can book their treatments online at Spa Eastman’s Facebook page. It’s a service at the forefront of social-media innovation for Canada tourism, as well as being extremely useful for visitors—particularly for free spirits—to either Spa Eastman location in Quebec.

  • Meet the Saskatchewanderer. As a marketing pilot project, Andrew Konoff is travelling around Saskatchewan all summer for the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport. You can follow his adventures on the blog,   Facebook and Twitter or just see where he checks in on Foursquare. It’s a tough life for some… 

Do you have or have you seen innovative examples of social-media travel marketing? Keep sending us your suggestions to ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (ctcnews [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca), or post a comment below to join the conversation.

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Thanks for spotting that Jantine - correction has been made to the article.

cheers, Mat

Great article but just a small correction -- the great Natalie MacLean hails from Ottawa, Canada's capital! Her mobile app is a great addition to her newsletter, blog and book. She's just one of the great culinary stars in the Ottawa region. Cheers!