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Make a date for business: register for CTC’s major international tradeshows.

October sees two major events in Asia dominate the tourism-industry calendar.

04 June 2014

The international tourism calendar gets busy in the fall. For Canadian tourism businesses looking to make inroads around the world, the essential items on their agendas are the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)’s international tradeshows. Make a date with us in Asia.

Clear your desks—here’s the big picture:

  • Showcase Canada-Asia is CTC’s top international marketplace outside Canada. In 2014, it will take place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Shenyang, China, Oct. 19-24. The Showcase provides Canadian industry sellers with a fabulous opportunity to learn about the Asian travel market while sealing deals and networking. Alongside the buyers from mainland China and South Korea will be new additions for 2014 from Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as key fully independent travel agents from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. The Showcase will follow its tried-and-tested format by opening with market briefings from CTC reps before moving on to intense pre-scheduled meetings. Registration for sellers is already open, while registration for buyers opens June 16. Attendees have just over a month (Aug.14-Sept. 15) to organize their appointments.
  • Focus Canada-Japan will assemble reps from Canadian tourism businesses, including destinations, experiences and products, together with more than 70 Japanese buyers. The emphasis is on enhancing sales as well as networking opportunities. The event will take place Oct. 16 at the Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, Japan. On the agenda: the morning will kick off with an update on the Japan market, led by CTC, followed by a panel discussion for tour operators, with an opportunity for Q&A. In the afternoon, Canadian sellers will be split into five regional groups. Each group will have a separate workshop area to conduct both group presentations and individual appointments with Japanese tour operators. The Japanese buyers will also be divided into five groups and rotate through each region in 40-minute sessions. Registration for Focus Canada-Japan is already live.

We look forward to welcoming Canadian businesses to Asia in the fall!

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