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Canada’s price competitiveness set for a boost in Q3 2011.

Travel to Canada from many of CTC’s key international markets expected to become more attractive financially, says CTC Research report.

10 August 2011

For many travellers, how far the dollar, yuan, pound or real in their pocket will stretch while abroad is a major consideration. So there’s good news ahead for the majority of CTC’s key international markets in the third quarter of 2011, with Canada’s price competitiveness expected to improve.

The only exceptions are in the Australia, France, Mexico and US markets, where the relative strength of the Canadian dollar and cheaper competitive destinations rule the roost. That’s just one piece of top-level intelligence from the latest 31-page US and Overseas Travel to Canada: Short-Term Competitive Outlook, Third Quarter of 2011 report, published by the Research department of the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). 

Some other global indicators:

  • It looks like ja, bitte to Canada travel from Germany in Q3 2011. The average cost of a seven-night stay in Canada is predicted to climb by 3%, including an 8% bump in airfares. However, a strong euro should help to keep the cost of accommodation and food down compared with the same period last year. This contrasts favourably with a 9% rise in competitive destinations during the same quarter.

  • Canada looks like better value in the South Korea market, too. A 10-night stay in the third quarter of 2011 looks set for a 6% year-on-year rise, with Alberta and British Columbia the most price-competitive provinces. A similar trip to Canada’s rival destinations in North America and Europe is expected to leap 8%.

  • Chinese travellers should expect good value from a Canadian adventure in Q3 2011. An average 10-night stay is forecast to be 3% more expensive compared with 2010, yet that still beats a trip to Canadian competitors in Europe and North America (up 5%). Manitoba and Saskatchewan will offer the best yahoo for a yuan.

  • The enduring power of the loonie against the greenback should make hotels, food, drink and other items more expensive for American visitors to Canada in 2011’s third quarter. An average four-night stay is predicted to be 11% pricier in this period than Q3 2010. This contrasts starkly with a anticipated 5% climb in costs for those travellers travelling within the US. The US domestic market remains Canada’s main competitor for short-break trips. 

The Conference Board of Canada prepared the Short-Term Competitive Outlook, Third Quarter of 2011 report for CTC.   

CTC Research examines data from the competitive price index, calculated on a potential traveller’s expected spending on airfares, hotels, meals and other costs for travel to Canada compared with competing destinations. Other factors are air capacity to Canada and competitive destinations, and the Canadian exchange-rate index. This is also the inaugural index that includes India and Brazil, so no year-on-year analysis was available.

Read the full Q3 2011 report.

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