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18 May 2011

Dear BizWiz,

I own a spa in British Columbia, and we see a wide variety of people from around the world pass through our doors. I know the Canadian Tourism Commission has a selection of international markets where it does its primary marketing, but what of the countries not on your list?

For example, we have had quite a few Spanish visitors in the past year, while we always seem to get a steady supply of travellers from Holland and Switzerland. Not to mention Taiwan as well. So I was wondering: how does CTC choose its markets? How often do you review the list? And what does a country not on there now have to do to make it into your group?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Kim,

Our challenge each year is to convert limited resources into the highest possible return for Canada. Our sophisticated research-based tools allow us each year to look at dozens of factors in international tourism markets, and not just the markets we are already active in. These factors include things like economic environment, size of the outbound market, number of travellers, presence (or absence) of direct air flights to Canada and any visa requirements for entry to our country.

Our Research team performs these exhaustive tests every year, which help us determine not only the markets to be active in but also what money to spend and where.

The big international annual marketplaces such as ITB Berlin, Germany and World Travel Market in London, UK are great venues for Canadian sellers to meet trade reps from a variety of countries, including ones where we do not have an office. For more information, it would be worth getting in touch with your relevant local Canadian regional and provincial tourism organization (in your case Tourism British Columbia) to ascertain what presence it will have at any of these shows.

Hope that clarifies everything!

Best wishes,

Tourism BizWiz

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