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CTC harnesses Lonely Planet’s global pulling power in new partnership.

Travel publishing giant’s US editor Robert Reid captures local stories on video from seven cities on a cross-Canada tour.

18 October 2011

You’d be hard pressed to find any traveller worth his or her salt who hasn’t consulted Lonely Planet at some point. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is tapping into that huge sphere of global influence with its latest partnership, which has Robert Reid, Lonely Planet’s US travel editor, travelling to seven Canadian cities and video blogging (“vlogging”) from each one.

Viewers can find the vlog on a special microsite. Here, they can follow Reid across Canada over the next two months as he posts four different types of video from each destination: culinary, outdoors, connecting with Canadians and a nearby day trip. Reid’s flexible itinerary looks to take in discovering how to find a beaver in Vancouver, BC, finding the real berry experts in Saskatoon, SK, and talking to the local language experts in St John’s, NL.

Lonely Planet is promoting the vlog on its Facebook and social-media channels.  There’s a contest, too, tied to Explore Canada Like a Local, CTC’s new online platform for travellers, by travellers. Banner ads for Explore Canada like a local are also running on Lonely Planet websites in the US and in other CTC European and Asian markets.

“In terms of travel influencers, few come with more clout and expertise than Robert Reid, so we’re truly delighted to have him exploring Canada this fall,” says Kate Duffy, CTC manager, Social Media. “Lonely Planet is an internationally recognized brand and its traveller-to-traveller voice and information is a really good fit with Explore Canada Like a Local.”


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Hi Rod

Best thing would be to link back to the video on YouTube.


Hope that does the trick

cheers, Mat

Although Lonely Planet is now catering to a wider scope of traveller, they started and still focus on the youth travel market. With respect, I wish CTC would spend a little more time, effort and resources trying to attract the youth market to Canada in the same manner that Australia, New Zealand and UK does. This is an important market. Thanks

I just watch the video "The Power of Tourism 2011". I teach in a tourism course at a college in Thunder Bay and would really like to use your video in our web page. Is this possible?
Our web page address is www.tourismandtravel.ca