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CTC unveils new resources for industry on corporate website.

Upgraded tools and content for the Explorer Quotient® and Signature Experiences Collection® offer tips and tricks for the year ahead.

16 January 2013

If you’re seeking a competitive edge in the global tourism marketplace, then you need the best tools at hand. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just sharpened its collection of resources for industry on the corporate website.

Let’s take a look inside the toolbox:

A new CTC Brand Standards Guide 3.0 takes users deep into the heart of Canada’s tourism brand. It’s the place to discover more about its mission, values and voice; to learn how CTC gives voice to those through its new branded materials; and how businesses of all shapes and sizes can adopt them, too.

We’ve rolled out a new series of case studies in the Signature Experiences Collection®(SEC) section that capture SEC members’ perspectives on experiential tourism. Each case study examines a range of topics such as the type of visitors that the experience appeals to, partner involvement, marketing activities, how the experience helps showcase the diversity of Canada as a travel destination, advice for other businesses interested in experiential travel and lessons learned that will help to improve the SEC program.

The first seven off the production line are Arctic Range Adventure, Barkerville Historic Town, Edible Canada, Inniskillin, Heritage Park Historical Village, Great Spirit Circle Trail and Great Divide Nature Interpretation. Look out for more to come later this year.

Every picture tells a story runs the old truism; with that in mind, we have published training videos for the Canadian tourism industry. They cover the value of tradeshows such as Rendez-vous Canada and GoMedia Canada Marketplace, working with travel media, selling in international markets and tips on building experiences. Here’s a peek at one:



Our Explorer Quotient® toolkit is undergoing a full overhaul, due for completion this summer. However, in the meantime we have updated the free EQ Profiles that provide useful intelligence on customers in six markets. They are invaluable for small businesses to learn about the core attitudes and travel motivations of their potential customers. Complementing the profiles and toolkit are also three case study videos, highlighting Canadian businesses that have used EQ research to make an impact. Coming soon: a new series of case studies that will cover how various provinces, territories and regions have applied EQ in their work.


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I just wanted to say what a tremendous resource your training videos are. We showed several recently in a Media 101 Training session we delivered to our industry. They effectively and creatively complemented the messages we were communicating. It was rewarding to New Brunswick's Travel Media Team, deliverers of the professional development day, to see the light bulbs going off / the ah-hah moments. I consistently encourage our Tourism Department to communicate the availability of your valued resources to our industry. Thank you.