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10 April 2013

Just the facts, ma’am? Indeed so. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just released a new series of Market Profile reports for its 10 key international markets.

These reports draw heavily from CTC’s three major consumer research studies: Global Tourism Watch, Explorer Quotient® and Advertising Evaluation Studies. Combined with the findings from these studies, CTC’s crack Research team has provided further analysis to give the Canadian tourism industry a short but definitely sweet summary of each international market.

Each market profile, housed in the Market Knowledge section of CTC’s corporate website, is broken into down into four main sections:

  • Executive Summary: A general overview of conditions in each market, ranging from macro-economic data, traveller forecasts and an outlook for the coming year.
  • Traveller Profiles: A look at the characteristics of travellers in each market, including reasons for coming to Canada (such as visiting friends and family), how they get here (such as taking nonstop flights or coming to Canada after a visit to the US).
  • Competitive Environment: How Canada ranks against its international tourism rivals for arrival numbers, air service and marketing performance.
  • Marketing Insights: A summary of traveller profiles, motivators, barriers and trip-planning behaviour at each stage of the path to purchase, as well as insights on how previous visitors share their Canadian experiences with other consumers.

Download the Market Profile report for: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the UK.

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