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Overnight trip arrivals from Japan bounced back in 2010.

Improving economic conditions maintained a healthy long-haul pleasure travel market, says latest CTC Global Tourism Watch report.

11 February 2011

The Japanese economy rolled up its sleeves in 2010 to show that the only way really was up. That financial robustness, combined with a notable long-haul pleasure travel market potential of 18.1 million, led to a serious rebound in overnight trip arrivals last year.

The Japan market continues to be one of Canada’s strongest cards in the Asia-Pacific deck for inbound travel, according to the latest Global Tourism Watch (GTW) summary report for the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

Here are some other key takeaways:

  • Of that long-haul potential market of 18.1 million people, only 15% think they will definitely or very likely visit Canada in the next two years. This total is well below the average of the other nine international GTW markets

  • British Columbia (80%) is top of the heap in terms of most popular province, with Ontario (73%) snapping at its heels. The 2010 Winter Games in BC has likely played a role here.

  • For Japanese travellers, seeing beautiful scenery is No. 1 on their to-do list. Nature and culture activities dominate the top five on that list.

  • City-related activities are also popular, leading to future opportunities to build on one of CTC’s five “Unique Selling Propositions” (USPs) for Canada: “vibrant cities on the edge of nature.”

  • France, Italy, Germany, the US and Australia are all formidable competitors for Canada for historical and cultural attractions.  

  • The yen has weakened, making Japanese travellers acutely aware of the weight of their wallets.

Harris/Decima Research conducts the Global Tourism Watch survey for CTC. The company asks thousands of participants aged 18 and over from around the world for their views on Canada and CTC’s Canada. Keep Exploring tourism brand. The 2010 reports look to identify shifts in each market since 2007.

Read the Global Tourism Watch Japan 2010 summary report.


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