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Ontario steals the show on Instagram.

CTC brings leading social-media influencers to experience and chronicle the province.

04 September 2014

There were high times in Hogtown for four leading international Instagrammers this past August. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) teamed up with local industry partners to bring the four social-media stars to Ontario, for a nine-day FAM trip exploring the province.

Ontario is the fourth province to feature in CTC’s successful series of Instagram FAM trips, following Quebec, Alberta and Yukon’s turns in the social-media spotlight, trips which have generated millions of likes from consumers around the world.

Pei Ketron (US), Tim Landis (US), Hiro Fakuda (Japan) and Kael Rebick (Canada) hired a car and set off to discover Ontario. Their action-packed itinerary included a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls, a trip on Hornblower’s sunset cruise, hiking in the Bruce Peninsula National Park plus the myriad sights, sounds and culinary delights of Toronto itself.

The awesome foursome detailed their adventures on a special #Ontario1x1 Tumblr page as well as to their hundreds of thousands of followers on various social networks, using the Ontario1x1 hashtag.

CTC partnered with Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation and Tourism Toronto for the Instagram FAM trip.

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